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I am Zabir, and I am a self-taught software engineer with around 5 years of machine learning experience (especially in the deep learning domain). I write Python, C++, and Matlab/Octave. Deep learning (computer vision, NLP, multi-modal) is where I feel at home. My research interests are explainable multi-task learning, LLMs, biomedical image analysis, speech analysis, meta-learning, and xAI. At my current role, I do prompt engineering, write ETL pipelines, fine-tune LLMs.


December, 2023

I passed the Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certification exam. (Certification)

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February, 2023

I was selected as a fellow @ Fatima Fellowship Program 2023. The Fatima Al-Fihri Predoctoral Fellowship is a nine-month-long research program aimed at individuals contemplating a PhD in machine learning. (Acceptance rate: < 20%)

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April, 2022

Fibro-CoSANet: pulmonary fibrosis prognosis prediction using a convolutional self attention network was accepted and published in Physics in Medicine & Biology IOP Science, Impact factor: 4.174

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January, 2021

Brainekt AI Lab received a research grant of $4000 to develop Roadbot - a driving assistance system using computer vision.

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February, 2020

I became one of the recipients of Innovation fund from ICT division, Bangladesh Govt. A research grant of $6000 was approved for the research of brain signal analysis using EEG and machine learning.

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September 9, 2019

My team Diversense got 7th place in Bengali.AI handwritten character recognition challenge.

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